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Footscray City 

The Lunchbox menu is full of yummy wholesome choices catering to all children’s tastes and needs.

Fruit market

Lunchbox Laughs

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it wasn't peeling well!


Grade 6 end of year information

Congratulations grade 6 students! You are very close to completing your primary school years. The Lunchbox wishes you the best of luck for your new exciting chapter.

Grade 6 students and families departing school, closing your Munchmonitor account is super easy.


Your account will be closed with a full refund going back onto your credit card.


Give A Fork initiative

'Give A Fork' is The Lunchbox's plant-based food supplier. It is a sustainable, not for profit organisation based in Melbourne. They currently supply our plant-based nuggets & burgers.  


Have you tried them for lunch yet? They are delicious and are good for the planet! You can find further information here.


In an exciting collaboration, The Lunchbox & Give a Fork have created a 4 week tasting menu, giving students the opportunity to taste plant-based food free of charge. The 4 week program features plant-based popcorn chicken, nuggets, burgers and bolognese.


 If you are interested in your child's school rolling out this program, please let The Lunchbox know. 

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Pasta Meal

Lunchbox Table Talk

What's the yummiest thing you've ever eaten? What's the worst? What's the strangest?!

Reminders for the week: 13-17 November   

Friday 17 November - Grade 5A are off on an exciting STEM excursion to The Huddle at North Melbourne Football Club. Lucky them! But it does mean that they won't be able to access our lunch service that day.   

Lemon Tree

Lunchbox Fun Food Facts

Did you know? Lemons float but limes sink!

The sun has arrived along with our fresh summer menu

Sushi, Fried rice, Edamame beans & Fresh fruit smoothies make delicious & healthy lunch options.

       See you Wednesday, 4 October


Thursday 14 September

Head to Munchmonitor SCHOOL SHOP to order your hot doggie.

Orders cut off Friday 8 September


School codes for setting up your MunchMonitor Account



Looking for work during school hours?

The Lunchbox-your onsite school canteen is looking for  team members. Join our fast paced, fun team preparing lunch orders.


Wednesday & Friday 9.30am-12.30pm shifts available.


Image by MD Duran
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