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 Do you have a query? We're here to help. 

Is The Lunch Box run by school council?

No. The Lunch Box is an independent local business. We have had extensive involvement with your school councilors from the outset and have had their approval on our healthy menu.

I missed the 8.45am cut off time to place my order

No problem.  Your child can drop a paper order to us in the kitchen before 10.00am.  We will charge your account from our end.  Please ensure you have money in your account so we can place the order.  A $3.00 admin fee will be charged.  Keep in mind, you can place orders 7 days a week 24 hours a day and up to 4 weeks in advance thus eliminating the morning rush.

  I thought I had placed the order correctly, it didn’t go though, what happened?

Once you have selected your menu items, you will be directed the ‘proceed to checkout’ page. This page will confirm the order however, at the bottom of this page, you MUST hit ‘CHECKOUT and PAY’ for the order to be successfully placed.

My child missed an item from their order, what should I do?

Please inform your children if they feel they are missing an item from their order to come straight back to the kitchen so we can sort immediately- yes, we’ll even look after your shy preppie!  Perhaps they thought they had an item ordered, perhaps human error we missed it, but we can most certainly fix the problem straight away-we do not leave children go hungry!

My child has allergies and dietary requirements.

Our menu features gluten free (GF) & dairy free (DF) options. We work in a completely nut free environment. If your child has additional dietary requirements than the ones listed, have a chat with us and we will do our best to cater to your child’s individual needs.

My child is ill, can I cancel my order?

Yes.  You have until 8.30am on the day to cancel your order. Next to the ‘edit order’ button is an option to ‘cancel order’.  Once the order has been cancelled a full refund will go back into your Munchmonitor account.

Why do you operate only 3 days a week?

Based on our experience, we have found 3 days a week is the perfect balance for students, teachers, and The Lunch Box.  As a small business we like to manage our growth, subject to demand we will look at extending our service to 5 days a week.

My child runs out of time to eat their lunch order.

Fueling children is important to us. Our portion sizes reflect the schools 10-minute eating window. We are also concerned about wastage and feel the portion sizes we serve minimise waste.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Absolutely! We are very concerned about our ecological footprint and have sourced sustainable biodegradable boxes and bags to serve our food in , we use wooden disposable cutlery.  For hygiene reasons, supplying your own lunch box is not possible.

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